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SIL 24

Local official news and warnings

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The goal is to deliver good quality information from local government area, fitted to interests and location of Polish citizens and notifications from crisis management centers.

Web application is an news aggregation software. News from local government unit are collected from RSS/ATOM feeds or introduced by representatives of units and mapped to global categories like tourism, culture, sport, entreatment and crisis management or some custom set.

SIL 24 screenshot
SIL 24 screenshot

Information from local government units are presented on iPhone/iPad or Android devices. On the beginning users shortly configure their profile on a smartphone: they choose units from geo-customized list and select categories. Then application presents latest pictures, messages, descriptions from government units. SIL24 supports tourist mode: during a trip application displays on mobile device news from nearby locations without changing configuration all the time. User gets alerts about news and alarms from crisis management centers through the push notification system. Application offers extended functionalities via in-app payments.

We started from design and define product with the client and then weimplemented web application and both mobile applications as native.

Technologies: Python, Django, Flask, iOS, Android