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Fashion Wall

platform for fashion bloggers

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For our polish customer Ingenioso Group we developed back-end of application that offers publishing and sharing outfits. Entrepreneurs idea of website was based on the following guidelines: good quality content, social networking and gamification.

The capabilities of website can be described in the following way: each user can add look in 3 categories: fashion, makeup and DIY jewelry. They can add pin with more info and features to each element on the photo. This informations feeds advanced search tool. Users can filter application content through the many factors or choose option “find similar to me”. Application is integrated with Facebook, but also has own social aspects like: following users, looks, elements, comments and notification about all interesting activity.

Fashion Wall screenshot
Fashion Wall screenshot

We provide dedicated advertising tool supporting business model of this startup. Our customer needs also extended Content Management System with tools to manage content or advertisement, generate reports, control safety of website, communicate with users.

Technologies: Python, Django