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Behavior Driven Development in Python

May 31, 2016

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is agile methodology of testing, based on TDD (Test Driven Development). BDD tests are not focused on code, but on its effects. Tests are executed by the browser, so we can be sure, that test follows exact user steps. Tests are based on specification, so if test is finished with success, that program works in line with customer expectations.

work remotely

Remote work – practical guide

Sep 6, 2014

In the last post I was talking about few biggest advantages of remote work. This post is dedicated for future or present remote workers. I present few guidelines, how to organise your work to be happy with remote job, create good habits and clean remote work hygiene.

work remotely

Be remote ninja

Jun 3, 2014

Imagine work which let’s you make your dreams come true: you can travel; you can explore world; you can cultivate relationships with family, friends; you can take care about your children; you have time on your hobbies; you can have flexible work hours; you can work with people from different cultures and with the best in industry. Work in which you can get awesome things done and take your time for your priorities. Sounds like dream job? This is what remote work could be.

open source

We are part of Open Source community

Oct 3, 2013

Our Team has grown up on Open Source. When you look closer at Solution4Future, you will see strong influence of this concept on our culture. Today we would love to share with you how we explore Open Source every day.</br> After decades Open Source is no more marginal phenomenon. 10 years ago in Poland typical Linux user was associated with nerd and outsider with no topic to conversation and a lot of hate for commercial solutions. Nowadays Open Source gathers huge community at the global scale, is basis of many businesses and even spy stories, is source of inspiration for many concerns (sometimes not only in positive way).

web application

Python RESTful webservices with Python - Flask & Django solutions

Jun 24, 2013

Maximum results with minimum cost - that’s ideal of all business and software development processes. How to get such a results in project with tight deadline and big performance expectations? Unfortunately there is no easy way: quality of software needs time and money, but .. choice of technologies, tools, solutions can be critical for product lifecycle. We can improve total time and cost of development and maintenance by choosing appropriate solutions.