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Web development

We provide full stack services. We gather senior specialist, which are focused on efficient and scalable infrastracture design, good quality Python/Django backend applications and fast, responsive JavaScript/Angular.js frontend.

Mobile development

Our experts have strong experience in building native mobile software on iOS platform with Swift, Objective-C as well as hybrid mobile solutions in Reactjs, Ionic, Cordova.

Product development

We help businesses with product design and development to execute ideas and processes. We are focused to bring working solutions on the market and take strategic actions to make it profitable.

Project management

We have experienced Project Managers specialized in Agile methodology like Scrum and Kanban. Let's bring ideas into live with iterative, incremental and flexible flow with low risk strategy.

Quality assurance

We implement high quality software by executing good practices on every stage: design, implementation, performance and scalability. Softwere testing is automated when it's possible by using BDD, unit tests, integration tests and many more.


We believe that user experience is a key to success of a project. We provide full analysis and design of user experience as well as beautiful, modern user interface.


We are happy to share our knowledge and software development experience. Every time we examine deeply the issue and possible solutions. Our reasearch is very strict, relying on statistics, benchmarks, evidence, hard gained experience.

Event organizing

We have many years of experience in organizing hackathon, workshops, lectures and mini-conferences. We belive also that sharing is caring, so we are public speakers on many events.

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Fine jewellery e-commerce platform

Swoonery is a luxury e-commerce software that aggregates top international fine jewelry brands and guides users through an intuitive shopping experience that removes the obstacles to buying jewelry online. By solving consumers problems (inconvenience, difficult discovery, uncertainties about sizing and gift-giving), we roll-up demand and provide brands with a powerful marketing and customer acquisition platform that is optimized for sales.

Together with B2B Online company we develop backend and frontend side of e-commerce application, as well as handling infrastructure.

Python, Django, Angular

our Work.


Health and fitness clubs management software

Our client provides enterprise solutions for health and fitness environment. The product is all-in-one mobile solution to manage a sports club, connect with your members and organize activities. As manager of the club you can: keep all communication with member in one place, manage your infrastructure, coach team, members, event-activities and bookings. You have also statistics and analysis to understand member performance and satisfaction level. As coach you can plan your availabilities, your agenda and manage your bookings. Club member have available iOS and Android applications to review coaches, infrastructure, activities, book lesson or join to event as participants or communicate inside of the club.

As manager of the club you can: keep all communication with member in one place, manage your infrastructure, coach team, members, event-activities and bookings. You have also statistics and analysis to understand member performance and satisfaction level. As coach you can plan your availabilities, your agenda and manage your bookings. Club member have available iOS and Android application to review coaches, infrastructure, activities, book lesson or join to event as participants or communicate inside of the club.

We are responsible for development of REST API and single page application.

Python, Django, Angular

our Work.

Mobile Market Development

Market intelligence and consultancy platform

Our client Mobile Market Development is the a market intelligence consultancy service focusing on mobile network operator profitability in a digital world.

We support our client by creating new version of the web application where you can buy developed by MMD reports or you can sign up on commercial subscription to have access to wide range of products like: reports, analysis, offers database and insights. On the website you can find interesting case studies, search engine for Maximizing Wireless Profit Program and Digital Inference Program. As corporate client of MMD you have also access to organization management panel with statistics.

We was responsible for full stack of services: design, branding, UI, frontend, backend and infrastructure.

Python, Django, ElasticSearch

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Fundraising platform for NGO organizations

FaniMani is polish non governmental organization. is e-commerce application, focused on raising money for good causes and help children to find entrepreneurial spirit.

Main goal of foundation is to provide shopping solution to various organization and charities. From each transaction in partner's shop, organizations get provision and gather money on their causes.|

We are helping FaniMani in realization of the mission as part of backend development team of their products. We are developing web panel dedicated to schools and shopping platform for organizations and charities in Django/Python and jQuery/Angular.js. We use ElasticSearch as search engine for more than 10000 organizations and 5 mln products.

Python, Django, ElasticSearch, Angular

our Work.

B2B Online

e-commerce platforms

Planet B2B is e-commerce software dedicated to wholesale orders and purchases for business to business model. Site has rich set of products and extended categories tree, which are collected in basis of online stores and other e-commerce solutions. Planet B2B is one of many solutions from rich e-commerce infrastructures offered by our client B2B Online.

Our main goal was optimization of this application: we moved some data from relational database to Dynamodb - Amazon no SQL solution for e-commerce platforms. We changed search engine on more efficient. We optimized and calibrated search, we added automatic correction of queries for Polish language and possibility to check similar products. Also our responsibility was create employee management module for making orders in organization and manage, verify, set budgets for employee carts. We configured server infrastructure also.

Python, Django, ElasticSearch, Angular.js, Amazon

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It’s Date Night

Calgary entertainment application

It’s Date Night is the go-to guide for everything happening in Calgary. They feature restaurants, daily specials, events and date ideas - think of them as the easy button for planning a night out. It’s Date Night has a website, iOS app and talkative social media channels to keep you connected with what’s up in YYC.

Application allows to search interesting events, restaurants, places and entertainment ideas in Calgary. You can plan night out by using *shake date ideas* feature or radius radar to filter events and venues to find what’s around you. All information are gathered in categories so you can review information according to you and your companionship’s preferences. Application has beautiful modern design and it’s adjusted for high performance.

We have built native iOS application to make that system quickly and easily available for everyday usage on mobile devices.

Swift, iOS, Python, Django

our Work.

SIL 24

Local official news and warnings

The goal is to deliver good quality information from local government area, fitted to interests and location of Polish citizens and notifications from crisis management centers.

Web application is an news aggregation software. News from local government unit are collected from RSS/ATOM feeds or introduced by representatives of units and mapped to global categories like tourism, culture, sport, entreatment and crisis management or some custom set.

Information from local government units are presented on iPhone/iPad or Android devices. On the beginning users shortly configure their profile on a smartphone: they choose units from geo-customized list and select categories. Then application presents latest pictures, messages, descriptions from government units. SIL24 supports tourist mode: during a trip application displays on mobile device news from nearby locations without changing configuration all the time. User gets alerts about news and alarms from crisis management centers through the push notification system. Application offers extended functionalities via in-app payments.

We started from design and define product with the client and then weimplemented web application and both mobile applications as native.

Python, Django, Flask, iOS, Android

our Work.

Fashion Wall

platform for fashion bloggers

For our polish customer Ingenioso Group we developed back-end of application that offers publishing and sharing outfits. Entrepreneurs idea of website was based on the following guidelines: good quality content, social networking and gamification.

The capabilities of website can be described in the following way: each user can add look in 3 categories: fashion, makeup and DIY jewelry. They can add pin with more info and features to each element on the photo. This informations feeds advanced search tool. Users can filter application content through the many factors or choose option “find similar to me”. Application is integrated with Facebook, but also has own social aspects like: following users, looks, elements, comments and notification about all interesting activity. We provide dedicated advertising tool supporting business model of this startup. Our customer needs also extended Content Management System with tools to manage content or advertisement, generate reports, control safety of website, communicate with users.

Python, Django

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Behave in automated testing process

31 May 2016

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) is agile methodology of testing, based on TDD (Test Driven Development). BDD tests are not focused on code, but on its effects. Tests are executed by the browser, so we can be sure, that test follows exact user steps. Tests are based on specification, so if test is finished with success, that program works in line with customer expectations.

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Remote work – practical guide

06 September 2014

In the last post I was talking about few biggest advantages of remote work. This post is dedicated for future or present remote workers. I present few guidelines, how to organise your work to be happy with remote job, create good habits and clean remote work hygiene.

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